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Here at The Lake Norman Cabinet Company, we work with you to offer cabinet refinishing and repainting solutions for your custom cabinets that fit your budget and restore your cabinets to their original glory. Whether choosing a new color completely or refurbishing cabinets to their original luster, we offer cost-friendly solutions for all your cabinetry needs.

Custom Cabinets

We work with the best suppliers to offer our valued clients the custom cabinets of their dreams at reasonable and attractive rates. With options like Haas and Fabuwood cabinets, we blend quality and unique craftsmanship to make your vision for your custom cabinets a reality.

Using 3D technology, our customers can try out different styles and materials in virtual space to get a realistic feel of their options, at no cost. We work alongside you to combine your wants and needs and assist you in all aspects of planning, measuring, and installation. We at The Lake Norman Cabinet Company are a family-owned business that helps our clients receive top-quality custom cabinets at fair prices. From one family to another, we’re here to help you out.   

You don’t have to invest tons of money to make your home feel fresh and revitalized. A simple cabinet repainting or refinishing can leave cabinets looking brand new, and make your home feel modern and fresh without the need for a complete home renovation.

Cabinet Repainting

Cabinet repainting is a cost-efficient and simple alternative to costly cabinet replacements and remodels. Repaintings can provide homeowners with the power to change the color and style of their home cabinets completely, or freshly coat the traditional color scheme of original cabinets.

For clients who want to transform the look of their living space completely, a fresh cabinet repainting can emulate the feel of a complete home remodel. Depending on the color you choose, you can give your home an entirely new feel.

  • Classic white- a cool and classic white is perfect for the modern and simplistic home.
  • Mysterious black- a rich black cabinet repainting is the ideal look for the chic home, not to mention black masks pesty marks and blemishes.
  • Enchanting gray- gray is an ideal choice for blending light and dark tones in a classy and unobtrusive fashion.

Cabinet Refinishing

A fresh cabinet refinishing is ideal for clients who desire to restore the original color and finish of their cabinets, by making them look brand new again. A protective cabinet refinishing will help maintain the radiance of your cabinet color for years to come.

At The Lake Norman Cabinet Company, we offer cabinet refinishing services that not only make your cabinets look great again, but also keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket where they belong. With a reputation for excellence, we proudly serve residents of Charlotte, Concord, Cornelius, Mooresville, and Matthew and surrounding communities.

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